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Art Slides website is the project that aims to give people hope and smile. Art Slides - find life in the life!

SMS Notification

At the home page , as well as in personal account you can order an encouraging and positive sms mailing

Fast pace of modern life makes us often simply to forget about the main , immutable things that always accompany us no matter who we are, where we live and what’s our purpose. In difficult times, when we do not know what to do, sometimes it’s enough to stop, look up from the floor , look around , look up and realize - the answer is always near. Our sms messages is designed to remind a person that he or she is not alone, there are people who love him or he, there is God . There is a spark that can ignite the flame of life in everyone of us.




At the slides pages you can buy slides , postcards, posters that we decorate in the frame and send to you. Our slides are result of the creative work of the entire project Art Slides. As well as sms messaging our slides carry a promise to everyone that life is not just a series of events and past days. Life is a gift that we should cherish . Life is an opportunity to make decisions, act and always have freedom of choice.


Art Slides - find life in life!